Friday, June 05, 2015

The Hazy Escape

That Kristen Stewart-Jesse Eisenberg reunion you’ve been craving – especially all of y’all, Adventureland fans – is finally coming this year.

Pause for a squeal.

No? OKRRR....

American Ultra will be in theaters on Aug. 21.

The movie will spin the yarn of a fairly ordinary stoner (played by the guy who will be Lex Luthor next year) who unwittingly becomes the target of a big-scale government operation – because he is, in fact, a super-lethal spy or som’in’ – that like, radically disrupts his small-town life and that of his gf (K. Stew).

Uma Thurman Sharon Stone Connie Britton co-stars as the agent tasked with neutralizing the rogue asset. Check out red-band trailer now!


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