Thursday, June 25, 2015

Going Live!

Aaron Eckhart news always makes me such a :).

The My All American and London Has Fallen star – who like, should be a much bigger deal! – has landed the lead in Live!, a new, shot-in-real-time actioner about a disgraced cop on a mission to rescue his commissioner’s kidnapped daughter, who is trapped somewhere in town with only 80 minutes to live, provided, of course, that he can elude the psycho that put her there in the first place.

Oy the pressure.

Now, can someone get this Live! movie a better title? In fact, can someone steer Eckhart away from this lot of material that once upon woulda been quite suited from Chris Evans (you gotta admit this sounds kinda Cellular-ish).

I got it. I got the solution. Marvel. They need to put this guy in one of their movies, already (preferably in something that requires some shirtlessness).


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