Monday, June 29, 2015

Trump Fired

NBC has done its patriotic duty – just in time for the Fourth of July.

The Peacock has handed Donald Trump his walking papers.

As you probably know, Trump is running for president this election cycle. Seriously. And seriously. And as you also probably know, the Donald has been on a xenophobic rampage lately, saying really dumb things about Mexicans and opposing trade agreements and picking a fight with Univision, which dropped his beauty pageants in the wake of his comments.

Now NBC is cutting ties with the guy, so that means the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants will have to be, I dunno, streamed on Trump’s campaign website or som’in’. This also means his Apprentice franchise is off the Peacock’s schedule.

In characteristical style, though, Trump is vowing to sue NBC for its action.

What else would you expect, right.


Update: Macys announced on July 1 that it, too, is cutting ties with Trump. Literally. The retailer will not carry his line of neckties – or shirts or cuff links – any longer.

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