Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Gladiator No More

Imma gonna guess that if you are a leading man on TV’s Scandal who isn’t presidential or president-adjacent, you are not meant to have a long-lasting good time off-camera.

Columbus Short – who is in the midst of an ugly-sounding divorce complete with allegations of domestic abuse and even death threats (following a late-March arrest for fighting in a bar) – is leaving the hit Shonda Rhimes property and is not expected to be back for the fourth season this fall.

Rumor has it he got canned.

Short’s departure from the show made me think of Henry Ian Cusick’s.

The erstwhile Desmond Hume from TV’s Lost left Scandal in a cloud of, well...sorta-scandalous dust after its short freshman season in 2012, some saying because the actor did not learned any lessons from a sexual harassment lawsuit brought against him in 2009, others – like Rhimes – later arguing that his exit was purely a mutually agreed-upon creative decision.

Which, two years later, Cusick has echoed.

Betcha that will not be the case with Short, though.


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