Monday, April 21, 2014

Good to Have It Black

Are you ready for more Orange Is the New Black?

Good, because we are about to get some more real soon, and, more importantly, we are about to find out what happened to Pennsatucky – not to mention....

Oh just watch the first trailer for the Netflix show’s sophomore season, which is hitting the streamer on June 6:

Looks like Taylor Schilling’s Piper gonna have gotten punished for what she did, and Laura Prepon – who may or may not be dating her fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise in real life – will still be causing trouble as Alex Vause, and Red (Kate Mulgrew) is gonna have a bit of an unwelcome reunion with an old big-house mate played by Lorraine Toussaint.




Update 1: Btw, Laura Prepon will be back full time for Orange Is the New Blacks third season next year.

Update 2: And she is not dating the Cruiseter.

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