Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Relapsed...and Relapsed?

So I was getting to the grocery store yesterday afternoon when it occurred to me, after taking a look-see at Lindsay Lohans Instagram, that Oprah is a dummy.

And that L2 looks like shes getting scary-skinny again (those arms!).

Allow me to divide and conquer.

First...uh...why is Oprah not rerunning and marathoning the s--- outta Lindsay on OWN? The Big O cant possibly expect us to choose to watch that train wreck situation over, say, The Good Wife or now Game of Thrones, right? I mean, any time I check OWN on Mondays its Dr. Phils show for hours on end, but no Lindsay repeats whatsoever. WTF!

Moving on to my second, more pressing point....

What...is L2 doing to herself these days? To my eye, she is looking hella thin again. Kinda like she did post-Herbie: Fully Loaded. And we know what was going on with her (and into her system – allegedly!) back then. Do we need to worry (yet again)?

I can’t imagine she’s looking this bony because of pole yoga/meditation. And girlfriend did just cop to falling off the wagon, albeit briefly, after rehab last year.

Ay yi yi.

Photo: Instagram.com/lindsaylohan.

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