Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sean Penn’s New Favorite Leading Lady

So...Sean Penn sure likes to make his real-life leading ladies his on-screen leading ladies, huh.

I mean, he did it with Madonna (Shanghai Surprise, hello!), and now he might be doing it with his girlfriend of, what, almost six months, Charlize Theron.

He probably will.


Theron is circling a or the starring part in The Last Space Face, an African drama (refugee camps are involved) that Penn is fixing to helm this summer that already has Adèle Exarchapoulos from Blue Is the Warmest Color on board in – her reported words – a small role.

Best of luck to ya, you crazy kids.


Update: Called it!

Theron is totally starring in Penn’s next directorial effort, The Last Face, not The Last Space.

The South African beauty will portray a doctor who meets (and romances) another physician (Javier Bardem) while doing humanitarian relief work in Africa.

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