Wednesday, April 02, 2014

He Is Chippendales

Ben Stiller wants to know what happens when you cross Scarface with Magic Mike.

So the Secret Life of Walter Mitty filmmaker is gonna take the lead in Alan Ball’s I Am Chippendales to find out.

Stiller has agreed to star in the adaptation of the Rodney Sheldon book chronicling the story of Steve Banerjee, an immigrant who, American Dream in mind, went from pumping gas in Culver City, Calif., to running the high-end nightclub that became the Chippendales empire.

The actor will play Nicolas de Noia, though, a former choreographer from New York who helped turned the stripping revue into a mainstream show – and later the target of a hit the enriched Banerjee took in a fit of paranoia.

Dark...and awards bait-y.


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