Monday, April 14, 2014

A Most Important Story

HBO’s The Normal Heart is almost here, kids.

And Ryan Murphy’s take on the Larry Kramer Tony-winning 1985 play is a battle cry, as evidenced by its tagline: “To win a war, you have to start one.

To which war does the film refer? My, the one on HIV/AIDS – a war against so many rebelled during the early days of the epidemic that claimed so many...and a war that we are under the delusion we’ve won.

So be sure to read the new Hollywood Reporter cover story on The Normal Heart.

Definitely watch the film’s trailer.

And absolutely plan on planting your butt in front of the TV on May 25 to watch Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Taylor Kitsch, Jim Parsons, and Julia Roberts, among others, tell a story that not even Barbra Streisand could bring to the screen once upon a time.

It was and still is that much of a hot topic.

And it is a must.


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