Friday, March 14, 2014

J. Lo Luhs Her Papi (and Miami)

In case you forgot, Jennifer Lopez feels, is, oozes the sexy.

So when she sings I Luh Ya Papi,” she wants us to know...she sexy, yo.

The video for the song – which is no great achievement as far as her entries into musical lore go but merely kind of a big noisetastic meh – was shot right here in Miami (Beach, for the most part), at one of her BFFs (and on her yacht!), and features not only some H-O-T 305 guys, all oiled up and whatnot, but also numerous throwbacks to La Lopez’s most iconic fashion-plate moments.

Including one to her Grammy dress. You know the one. The only one that matters.


“I Luh Ya Papi” is part of Lopez’s upcoming 10th album, btw.

Who would have thought, huh.

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