Friday, August 05, 2016

The Quirky Counterfeiter

When Charlie Hunnam gets to channel the Steve McQueen within, Rami Malek will tap into his own Dustin Hoffman.

Yup, thats all happening when the Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and the Emmy-nominated star of USA Networks Mr. Robot team up to remake Papillon.

The project is a contemporary update of the 1973 original, which told the story of a man unjustly convicted of murder in 1930s France and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in a South American prison, where he meets a man – a quirky counterfeiter, as it turns out – who finances his escape in exchange for protection. Hunnam will play the former, while Malek will portray the latter.

And they – let us pray – they will kiss.

Hey. A boy can dream.


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