Saturday, August 13, 2016

R.I.P. R2-D2 Man

The galaxy got a little dimmer today.

Kenny Baker, the 3-foot, 8-inch actor who embodied Star Wars’ MVP R2-D2, has died. The star passed away at home in Preston, England, after a long illness. He was 81.

Baker, who also appeared in The Elephant Man and Time Bandits, defied expectation as a child, making it through puberty against all the odds he and his family always heard he would face as a little person. He was married to his wife Eileen for 23 years, until her death in 1993, reportedly having two children together.

Where the world is concerned, though, Baker found success from deep within one of George Lucas’ most famous and iconic creations: the intrepid and lovable robot who roamed a cinematic galaxy far, far away, who undeniably became dear, dear to all of our hearts.

Thank you for that, Kenny Baker!


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