Tuesday, August 16, 2016

True RDJ

This might be as close to True Detective Season 3 territory as HBO is willing to go as this stage.

The premium cabler has tapped Nic Pizzolatto to develop a new Perry Mason drama series as a starring vehicle for none other than Robert Downey Jr., ladies and gentlemen.

Yes! Tony Stark is coming to TV.


The project – which will be sort of based on a Perry Mason that the actor has been itching to get made – is being worked on as a show that would run kind of like Sherlock, the BBC import that airs on PBS, does, with a few eps making up shorter-than-usual-or-what’s-new-stateside seasons that would come when RDJ’s Marvelous schedule allows it.

Now that’s some clout, yo.

Photo: Bandsintown.com.

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