Thursday, August 18, 2016

Amy Schumer Out?

Say it isn’t so, Amy Schumer!

The Emmy-winning comedian-turned-author send shockwaves across and beyond Twitter last night, when she tweeted that she is pulling the plug on her Comedy Central hit show, Inside Amy Schumer, which is Emmy-nominated again this year. Since she did not elaborate, maybe, she already has?

“We aren’t making the show anymore,” Schumer tweeted in response to – and, please, bear with this, for it gets kinda messy – people tweet-asking her why she hadn’t publicly denounced comedian Kurt Metzger (and that’s why Metzger wasn’t one of her writers anymore being the implication or, OK, the inference).

I know, right? Who?

A fellow comedian, Kurt Metzger is...was, apparently, a writer on Inside Amy Schumer, and a friend of the funny woman. He royally stepped in it earlier this week, when he sent out some instantly controversial tweets about women who report or don’t report sexual assaults.

Landmine Alert! Right?

As it does, the Internet roped Schumer into the situation (can’t you just picture that?), this in spite of her having expressed her disappointment in her friend and former (?) colleague during the early part of yesterday.

Oh how the plots thicken.


Update: This is why celebs should go back to keeping their publicists busy instead of tweeting.

On Aug. 18, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo (GTS) clarified something that was already pretty darn clear until she became enmeshed in the Kurt Metzger drama: Inside Amy Schumer is simply on hiatus, and a fifth season – announced this past January – should come next year.

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