Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Naughtiest of ’Em All Is Back!

I trust you’re ready ’cause here he comes at last.

Of course, I am talking about Billy Bob Thornton’s Bad Santa, who, 13 years later, is getting the sequel treatment with the upcoming Bad Santa 2, which just got the red-band teaser-trailer treatment today.

Just about everyone will be back for more filthy fun, including Tony Cox as Marcus, the diminutive criminal with the big mouth, and Brett Kelly, a.k.a. The Kid o.k.a. Thurman Merman.

Alas, no Lauren Graham, unfortch, but we will get Christina Hendricks in her stead, plus Octavia Spencer in a very silly wig for what will be sure to be a very naughty role.

And – get this – Kathy Bates....as Thornton’s equally, if not more wrong mother.

’Tis gon’ be the holidays, alright!

Bad Santa 2 will roll into theaters on Nov. 23.

Photo: Miramax Films.

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