Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A New Star’s Officially About to Be Born

Lady GaGa’s Hollywood takeover is now beyond-cemented.

Let us me all deal with it.

Indeed, the singer-cum-Golden Globe-winning-actress is going to share the screen with Bradley Cooper in a long-in-the-works remake of A Star Is Born, which the War Dogs supporting player will direct in his feature-film debut in that capacity.

Clint Eastwood and Beyoncé previously had been attached to the project, which, one must admit and/or presume, will be super-different now that Cooper and Mother Monster are involved.

For one, the Academy Award-nominated Hunting Ground-song co-writer and performer is – of course – going to be quite involved. Her deal includes a composing and performing new music for the story of a rising ingenue and her declining lover/mentor. And for two, all eyes will be on Cooper, as folks – including yours truly – will look to see what kind of energy he has a big-time, yet untested helmer.

Production on this one is expected to kick off in California early in 2017.

Christmas 2017. How is that schedule looking for a potential release?

Photo: PopCrush.com.

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