Wednesday, June 01, 2016

It Happened One April

Disasters are always accompanied by tales of tall heroism.

Lone Survivor director Peter Berg’s upcoming Deepwater Horizon, the telling of the oil rig disaster of April 2010, will center on the story of Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg), the chief technician and No. 2 manager on site that spring day, and a man who, in the face of fiery destruction, became beyond-determined to see his wife (Kate Hudson) and daughter again.

The trailer for the movie saw the light of day recently, and, from the looks of it, Berg is set to deliver quite a spectacle that, yes, will showcase the tragedy with all the panache that Hollywood can muster (Deepwater Horizon will open in IMAX), but, also, with a heckuva lot of heart. American heart.

Deepwater Horizon – co-starring Dylan OBrien, Gina Rodriguez, Kurt Russell, and John Malkovich – is scheduled for release on Sept. 30.


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