Thursday, June 09, 2016

Entering a New TV Dimension

I’d been wondering when I would write about this guy again....

I mean, that he supposedly is dating Lea Michele clearly didn’t rise to the occasion, but that he’s getting ready to work with the girl?

Well – that changes things.

Thanks, hulu.

Robert Buckley (The CWs iZombie) and the Scream Queen are, indeed, set to co-star on Dimension 404, a new six-episode sci-fi/fantasy anthology series that will debut on the streamer at a date TBA. They comely duo is set to be featured on the opening stand-alone ep, a story of unrequited swipin.

So...kinda like Black Mirror (which I watch on Netflix)?

FYI, Dimension 404 was inspired by that pesky “404” error code you sometimes get while surfing the Web, and will evoke that mindless feeling of wandering into the darker, weirder corners of the Internet. Y’ know, so you can get all scared and s---.


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