Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Herstory Made!

Give it up for Hillary Clinton, who tonight became the first woman ever nominated to run for the presidency of the United States on a major party ticket.

The well-seasoned Democrat – a lawyer by trade, she is a former secretary of state, New York senator, and first lady – is expected to run against that peach Donald Trump (I know...that whole thing still seems rather implausible), who is single-handedly destroying the GOP one move at a time going for it on the backs of the Republicans.

But back to La Clinton.

What a wonderful time to be alive in America, no? Change is finally in the air.

We’ve had two realigning, mostly productive terms featuring Barack Obama – the first black man elected to the office – at the nexus of power, and now a woman with more than sufficient bona fides is set to shatter the ultimate glass ceiling.

History and herstory in the making, and right before our eyes.

As Clinton captioned the photo at right she tweeted earlier today, “To every little girl who dreams big: Yes, you can be anything you want – even president. Tonight is for you.

Now this...this is what makes America truly great.

White old men, your dominion is over. Time to share.

Time to get to work.

That means you, too, Sen. Bernie Sanders. You gotta get, help unite the party now. The revolution you have started needs you to do the next best thing to becoming nominee for POTUS. It needs you to lead Clinton to victory. Effect change from within; perhaps, even, from right next to our first female president.

Photo: Twitter.com/HillaryClinton.

Update 1: You know who is also with her?

Barack Obama.

The current POTUS officially endorsed Clinton on June 9, shortly after meeting with Sen. Sanders at the White House to talk about the future of the Democratic party in this seemingly never-ending election cycle. Check out what Obama had to say:

Donald Trump, of course, was quick to offer a childish and ludicrous tweet-response that I cannot be bothered to share with ya because he is Donald Trump and he is a clown.

Update 2: Vice President Joe Biden is on board, too.

Update 3: Know who else is on Camp Clinton? Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of the most sensical, exciting, and effective anti-Trump leaders out there.

Time to get in formation, Bernie!

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