Tuesday, June 28, 2016

007 and Jinx Reuniting (Sorta)

Remember when James Bond met one of his most memorable (female) matches in Halle Berry’s Jinx, in 2002’s Die Another Day?

Ooh, and how bout when Daniel Craig took over as 007 from Pierce Brosnan four years later, with Casino Royale, and kind of saluted Berry’s big splashy entrance, which was itself a nod to Ursula Andress’ in 1962’s Dr. No, the very first James Bond movie?

Good times, no?

Jinx made such an impression that for years speculation that Berry would be getting a spin-off ran rampant. The idea never went anywhere, but now...now we’re getting the next best thing: A new film starring Craig and the Oscar winner – one that has nothing to do with the Bond franchise.

Craig and Berry are fixin’ to co-star opposite each other in Kings, the English-language debut of Deniz Gamze Ergüven, the Turkish-French director of the 2016 Best Foreign-Language Film Oscar-nominated French film Mustang.

A love story and a tale of survival, the action of Kings will be set against the rising tension that engulfed L.A. in 1992 during the Rodney King trial. Craig will play a loner who lives in South Central (not to many people looking like him living there...), who has fallen for Berry’s character, a tough mother who looks after a group of kids. As the six-day riots begin (you know the ones), the two must track down the kids in order to keep them safe from the riots.

Sounds totally not stressful at all.

Photo: CBC.ca.

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