Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Somebody Just Earned Himself a Pastelito...

Now this is how you spice things up a bit if you’re the POTUS.

Barack Obama reportedly got back on the phone with Cuban President Raúl Castro yesterday, marking the first time an American president and a Cuban leader have spoken, in a direct manner, in more than half a century.

Did they talk about how Birdman is soaring from coast to coast, landing on the short list of best films of 2014 from Florida to San Francisco?

Of course not.

They talked about restoring full diplomatic relations between America and Cuba and about opening an American embassy in Havana following today’s release of USAID worker Alan Gross from a Cuban prison, as well as that of three Cuban spies (who, btw, were not swapped for Gross – he was released on humanitarian grounds – but for an intelligence agent who had been imprisoned in Cuba for almost 20 years).

While the American embargo on the island nation 90 miles south of Florida will stay in effect for now, the United States will ease up on matters related to banking and travel, for instance. The United States, however, will remain firm on issues of human rights in Cuba

And yes he could and yes he is on the touchy subject of U.S.-Cuba relations.

Who’s a bad president ahora?


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