Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fargo Girl

Surprise: Kirsten Dunst is coming to TV!

In a bit of an outta-left-field announcement, FX let it be known today that the second outing of Fargo, its Emmy-winning limited series based on the Oscar-winning Coen brothers film, will feature the Melancholia actress.

Also on board? Jesse Plemons (AMC’s Breaking Bad).

The series’ new 10-episode chapter will be set in 1979, in Sioux Falls, S.D., and Luverne, Minn., where a young state police officer, freshly returned from Vietnam, will investigate a new “true crime case. Evidently, Keith Carradine played this officer on the first TV Fargo, so this will be a prequel (and, obvs, a new actor will be playing the part).

Dunst will play a small-town beautician who dreams of life in the big city, but who is also trying to sort out who she is and who she’s gon’ be in the face of all the societal expectations of her time. Plemons will take on the role of her butcher’s assistant-husband.

The second TV Fargo will premiere next fall.


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