Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas (Baby Please Don’t Go)

Ah, shucks.

So I knew Dave (Letterman) was planning on retiring at the end of this season (his last show is, in fact, scheduled for next May 20).

And I knew that, with Christmas right around the corner, we soon would be seeing Darlene Love on his Late Show, singing – as it’s become a 28-year-old tradition – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” I swear I was just telling someone last week that I was so looking forward to this because it absolutely is one of my most joy-inducing traditions for the holidays.

But, like a doof, I did not connect the dots.

Dave leaving the late-night game means that this, 2014, will be the last year we see Love singing the song. On the telly. At Christmas. On Dave’s show.


Click here to read what she had to say to about all of this...and about her plans not to retire the song just because Dave is retiring himself from his show.

And don’t forget to catch Love on Letterman one last time this Friday. I bet it’s going to be a special one....


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