Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reaching for Her Shot

Better remember Rosamund Pike
’s name – she’s about to explode.

The British beauty will star opposite Tom Cruise in One Shot, writer-director Christopher McQuarrie’s adaptation of Lee Child’s 2005 novel.

The actress will play a lawyer and the daughter of a DA, while Cruise will portray Jack Reacher, an ex-Army cop who gets pulled from his seaside retreat to investigate a five-murder mystery in a small Indiana town.

Pike has a busy year ahead. She recently took over Alexa Davalos’ role as Andromeda in the Clash of the Titans sequel, Wrath of the Titans. She also has Johnny English Reborn coming up, as well as The Big Year with Owen Wilson and Steve Martin, and The Sea opposite Ciarán Hinds.


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