Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Circle Beckons

Chris Zylka is on a roll.

The studly up-and-comer, whos set to appear in next years The Amazing Spider-Man as Flash Thompson, will guest on the upcoming CW show The Secret Circle, as a young man who broke the heart of the most volatile member of the six Chance Harbor High classmates who must bind their newfound magical powers not just to keep ’em under control but to protect themselves from a mysterious threat, too.

Oh, yea, The Secret Circle, from The Vampire Diaries brain trust, is a show about witches.

Back to Zylka, though.... It doesn’t really sound like he’s in for a good time when his character rolls back into town. Plus, he will have a few secrets of his own, and he will be drawn to a new Circle member played by Britt Robertson.

Sounds like teen trouble all around. And, as we know, that makes for some fun television.


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