Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How the GaGa Will Steal Christmas

And now, in more eye-rolling Lady GaGa news (you heard the one about how she supposedly wants to play the late Amy Winehouse, right)....

The eye-catching entertainer (and I don’t mean that in the so-and-so is sooo hot kinda way that I usually do, although, I will say, the girl was looking a’ight in L.A. last week), has partnered with Barney’s New York to take over the Madison Avenue flagship store’s entire fifth floor beginning in mid-November, as well as its windows displays, for a little something called the GaGa Workshop.

Just in time for the holidays, so start your saving.

The powers that be at Barney’s said this unprecedented collaboration with such a “rare cultural phenomenon” is a thrill, one that reportedly will have a charity component to it, btw.

Well, fine...if you must.

Photo: Style.MTV.com.

Update: OMG, you guys, did you see the new Lady GaGa video?

I approve.

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