Monday, July 25, 2011

R.I.P. Beehived One

The music world lost one of its most talented forces when Amy Winehouse passed away over the weekend. The Grammy Award winner was found dead on Saturday afternoon in her London home. She was 27.

It’s a sad testament to her persona, so deeply haunted by addiction, that the news didn’t exactly come as shock.

It’s not that we, or I, actually, expected her to die – I was rooting for her to come out of the dark at some point (I was fond of her talent and her voice, not of her image). Folks certainly had cause for concern – I mean, all you had to do was look at the woman to know her demons were quite mighty.

I’d even recently said to someone Winehouse was a bit like Lauryn Hill...that she’d put out a great record and that that, unfortunately, would probably be the last we heard of her if she didn’t get the help she so obviously needed. (She reportedly had fallen of the wagon recently, but no signs of drugs were found around her when she died.)

Too bad she didnt want it, though...that she said no, no, no” to it. Perhaps we’d one day know what else was in store. This 27 Club is one she need not have joined.


Update: An autopsy performed on the singer-songwriter today was deemed inconclusive.

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