Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Robyn Ruled 2010, But Hardly Anyone Noticed

Every once in a while, a truly one-of-a-kind act pops on the music scene, and they are so fantastic, so f---ing original, so tremendous it almost goes without saying they will go unnoticed.

2010 was supposed to be Robyn’s year.

The Swedish import was supposed to explode – I mean, girlfriend put out not one, not two, but three albums and toured her little heart out.

Alas, as much as she connected with critics she failed to do the same with audiences (not to mention radio), at least, to any tangible degree, in the United States.

Which is a shame because the music she put out had substance, rhythm, and beat. It was contagious, amazing, and instantaneously addictive.

Those are some of the reasons The Guardian has named her “Dancing on My Own,” the lead single off her Body Talk Pt. 1, the best track of the year.

Listen – and see – for yourself why:

Heartbreak never sounded better, did it?

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