Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Break for Iron Man

The Avengers movie
Joss Whedon is helming – yay! – definitely will call upon Iron Man, but don’t expect to see Robert Downey Jr. suit up in his shiny armor until the movie comes out in 2012.

Iron Man director Jon Favreau
has confirmed neither Tony Stark nor his alter ego will appear in next summer’s Thor or Captain America: The First Avenger.

He also said he’s keen on seeing just how the 2012-due blockbuster will bring together all these superheroes, as well as, potentially, the Hulk.

“I’m not sure where The Avengers goes,” Favreau said. “There is no shooting draft written yet. It’s gonna be a big undertaking for Marvel…. All that has to inform one unified vision in [the movie]. It’s a very exciting prospect.”

Up next for Favreau is Cowboys & Aliens starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Afterward, he will take on a third Iron Man. (The sequel is in theaters now.)

Photo: Paramount Pictures.

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