Thursday, August 13, 2009

Will Demi Go Wild?

Agents, publicists, and teams of Hollywood handlers must be shaking in their Jimmy Choos and whatever’s the power shoe for men: Twitter’s gonna put them out of business.

Twitter newbie and Man vs. Wild host Bear Grylls sent Demi Moore a message asking her if she’d be up for doing a Woman vs. Wild special.

Earlier this summer, Grylls teamed up with Will Ferrell for a Men vs. Wild special that aired shortly before the actor’s Land of the Lost opened, and, evidently, he already has tapped Ben Stiller to appear on the show, so a Moore guest-stint wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

That is, of course, unless Grylls actually gets to talk to her. His original message didn’t immediately reach the actress because he didn’t send it out correctly – but she did get it. Eventually.

“Did he ask me?” she replied to the follower who forwarded her Grylls’ request.

She should totally do it, right? I mean, she’s already taken on macho army men and stripper poles on screen. A little wilderness should be a walk in the park.

Photo: TheInsider.


John said...

She can Twitter from the tundra for all I care -- and stay there.

John said...

But Ashton should stay safely in civilization and make the switch.