Friday, August 07, 2009

She Never Could Have Done This in America

You gotta give it up for Sharon Stone. The lady has chutzpah. Still.

She may not be in (m)any movies these days, but at 51, La Stone is without doubt the argument for getting better and hotter with age.

The actress is on the cover of Paris Match, still-perky buxom a-blazin’, wearing a black leather corset, hot pants, and some fierce strap-up heels.

“When I entered [Alix Malka’s] studio, he told me he wanted to re-invent me. He got clothes sent to me, and I understood he saw me the way I am in reality, which many people I collaborate with don’t,” Stone told the magazine.

“In fashion, everything is organized by age. This is what you have to wear when you're 20, at 30, then at 40.

“I’ll never get into a mold. I won’t dress the way people want me to dress. What these photos represent is nothing surprising to me. My life didn’t change at 50. I didn’t change.”

If you got it, flaunt it. And having met Sharon Stone ever so briefly last spring, I gotta say she’s got it.


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ToughCrowd said...

She looks unreal. Great Photoshop, although I'll take your word for it if you met her.