Monday, May 04, 2015

When the Pop Princesses Bowed to the Queen

Never let it be said that the Met Gala isn’t a, if not the cool, fun party of the spring season.

And never ever let it be said – my, my, how déclassé would that be! – that it doesn’t bring about the unlikeliest of hanging-out opportunities, for this evening’s Jennifer Lawrence-co-chaired fashion extravaganza proved that point, alright.

Case in point: A Moschino-clad (and Rebel Heart-plugging) Madonna holding court with Katy Perry...and Lady GaGa!

Guess the so-called feud is over, people. Time to let that one go. For, per the Queen of Pop, the “Girls night out” featured a “Kissing the Ring” moment.

Who was doing the kissing remains to be debated, but, c’mon, bitches, she’s Madonna. You know she meant the pop princesses were bowing to her.

As well they should.

Mmm.... Was this part of the plan, Madonna?


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