Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cleaning Up the FIFA

Just a little more than a month after she was (finally!) confirmed as attorney general, Loretta Lynch has made her first bold move.

She is going after the FIFA.

You know, FIFA...the massive international international that governs all of the matters pertaining to the sport of soccer. No big.

Lynch’s Justice Department launched a huge offensive against corruption within the FIFA when she announced today that she is charging 14 of the organization’s officials and corporate execs with criminal charges arguing that they took about $150 million in bribes and kickbacks for the better part of the last 25 years. Nine of these officials were arrested in Switzerland already, and the United States is working on extraditing em for trial (some reportedly already have admitted to their guilt...).

Sepp Blatter, the four-term-and-seeking-another FIFA president, was not charged – yet? – and the now-even-more-controversial World Cup tournaments in Russia (2018) and 2022 (Qatar) will remain in place and on schedule.


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