Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Still Limitless

Jake McDorman may be headlining the TV version of Limitless this fall, but the OG NZT taker, Bradley Cooper, will be on hand to ensure that the series is a success.

Yes, the three-time Oscar nominee and current Tony nominee, has signed on to recur on the adaptation of the 2011 sleeper hit that CBS is mounting for our enjoyment (Cooper is also executive producing the show).

The actor will return to TV (remember, he got his big break on Alias!), to reprise his role as struggling writer-cum-man wonder/senator/presidential hopeful Edward Mora for the tube.

Limitless, the show, will revolve around Brian Finch (McDorman), a (handsome) man who discovers the power of NZT, a mysterious drug with some pretty incredible side effects (it allows ya to tap into all of your brain’s potential) and who is, obviously, invited by the FBI to use his newfound abilities to help the bureau solve some cases on the weekly. Of course, Finch and Mora will become entangled, and something tells me Cooper may now be playing the Robert De Niro part on the show. Meaning, the nefarious one.

Jennifer Carpenter (Showtimes Dexter) and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio are set to co-star, btw.

Your move, Abbie Cornish.


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