Friday, May 08, 2015

Calamity Linds Is Revving Back Again!

And here we were thinking that her legal problems were over....

An L.A. Superior Court judge has put Lindsay Lohan on blast, telling her lawyer yesterday that the so-called actress has to complete the remaining 116 hours of her 125-hour community-service sentence – from a 2012 car crash – by May 28 (original target date: last February!), at the Brooklyn Community Center, or else.

Or else jail time!

What is this, two years ago?

Ah, but La Lohan had an excuse – you know, as she always does. Her lawyer told the court that while L2 now lives in London, she’s still jobless after appearing on a West End staging of Speed-the-Plow last year, and, thus, she simply cannot afford the car service she’s need to get to the far-away service organization of her choice.

Uh, pick som’in’ else? And how is she affording all those fabulous clothes she keeps Instagramming, not to mention living in the not-cheap British capital, anyway?

Ridikolous, party of one.


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