Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rebel’s Torrid Fashion Love Affair

Cash it in, girl.

Rebel Wilson is launching a fashion line in conjunction with Torrid, a plus-size fashion brand.

Noting that she has had a torrid affair with buying clothes all her life, the Pitch Perfect 2 star said that only recently she’s noticed that some companies have tried to cater to women who look like her, since “there’s [not] a brand out there in the plus-size world that is creating cool stuff, that fits well, and is good quality, yet affordable.

Ergo the creation of Rebel for Torrid collection, which will run 12-28 in sizes and fall in the $28.50-$125 range, and debut with a holiday offering in November (a spring line will debut next year).

Someone’s pulling a Sofia Vergara. And I approve.


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