Tuesday, February 23, 2016

He Will Always Protect

Not sure this is the best way to follow up Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, but, then again, ya didn’t ask me.

The actor – oh-so-golden at the moment – has decided to board Hitman’s Bodyguard, a movie about a world renown bodyguard hired to protect a hit man coming in from the cold (Samuel L. Jackson).

Samuel L. friggin’ Jackson.

Samuel L. Jackson, who doesn’t quite stand in as sidekick to anyone, youknowhwatImean.

Samuel L. Jackson, whom Ryan Reynolds shouldn’t support because any time R2s paired with an elder statesman of Hollywood, it just doesn’t click. I mean, who can tell me that Self/less opposite Ben Kingsley or R.I.P.D. with Jeff Bridges worked?

To boot, Reynolds and Jackson are going to play characters who hate each other (because they’ve always been at odds), but who now...now are going to have to work together to stay alive and unravel the plans of a murderous Eastern European dictator to be portrayed by Gary Oldman.

Salma Hayek and Elodie Yung (Netflix’s Daredevil) are set to co-star. So there’s that, too.

Photo: RyanReynoldsDaily.com.

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