Friday, February 12, 2016

Terminal Woman

Legend of Tarzan star Margot Robbie keeps making the right moves.

Following her splashy introduction in The Wolf of Wall Street, the Aussie bombshell has exploded onto the scene.

While things have been seemingly quiet for the actress, Big Short cameo notwithstanding, she has been out there, building her cred.

Last year, with Focus, she proved that she can go toe to toe with more than one A-Lister by sharing the screen with Will Smith. She tried the indie-esque thinking piece (Z for Zachariah) and the art house thing (Suite Française), and then went right into work with Tina Fey in the upcoming Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Not to mention she is widely expected to steal Suicide Squad from right under all of her male co-stars noses (including, once again, Smith).

It’s a good time to be Margot Robbie. People are banking on her to showcase her range and become, well...bankable, too.

Which is why she is going to be prominently featured in Terminal, the story of two hit men who take on an impossible task for a mysterious employer for a big payday, only to encounter a dynamic woman who knows more than they think she knows about everything.

Because she is played by Margot friggin Robbie, OKRRR.


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