Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Les Bad Boys de Paris

I heart how the trailer for Bastille Day kicks things off: With star Idris Elba’s name and the movie’s title up front.

Because the movie does declare Elba’s a star, gosh darn it.

The actor plays a covert operative tasked with dispensing with an American artist (yeah, a con artist portrayed Cinderella’s Richard Maddenafter the latters linked to an attack on the Paris metro (when another attack takes place, the agent realizes that his mark is innocent and that, to boot, he may be his only meaningful connection to the truth).

Of course, the two must work together to blow the lid off the real plan that’s in motion in order to prevent further chaos and take down their common enemy.

Bastille Day is set for release in France this July, while an American release is still TBA.

Photo: FlickeringMyth.com.

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