Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Good Wife Wraps It Up

Forget all the other Super Bowl 50 commercials. There was one that was perfectly suspenseful and a total surprise.

I’m talking about the ad for TV’s The Good Wife...and its final nine episodes!

I know, right!

CBS confirmed tonight that the end of Alicia Florrick’s (Emmy winner Julianna Margulies) story is nigh. Quite nigh:

The Good Wife will wrap it on May 8.

And I can and can’t deal right now.

Has this show been about loneliness and isolation all along – the loneliness and isolation of a humiliated-by-her-politician husband (hey, Chris Noth, hey)? Will this end with Alicia’s death (perhaps, by her own hand, given what happened on the last ep we got)? Or has all of this taken place in her head as she mustered the will to go up to that first podium and pledged her Good Wife-ness to her beloved scoundrel?

Or, as someone quite smart and handsome put it to me, Robert and Michelle King, the show’s masterminds, are going to give us the ending we all want: Alicia, happily married to Will (Josh Charles), daydreaming about a major what-if situation while watching a Peter Florrick-for-POTUS commercial on TV?

What if is and has been a recurring theme on The Good Wife, and the show has flirted with the absurdly surreal and memory recollections before, especially during recent seasons.

In that scenario, Archie Panjabi’s Kalinda and Alicia are neighbors even – Margulies and Panjabi simply have been playing a very long tabloid-friendly con.

Update: Speaking of Josh Charles, check out what he had to tweet about the surprise announcement.

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wow your handsome source-is he an us weekly insider?