Sunday, February 14, 2016

All Kinds of (White) Mamas Time!

Director Garry Marshall is back with Mother’s Day, another paycheck job star-studded ensemble.

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts (in a red wig that must get its own Twitter account!), and Race’s Jason Sudeikis, the throwback-y Mother’s Day will center on a bunch of white people doing white-mother-y things because motherhood doesn’t apply to blacks or browns (sorry, Asians, but y’all don’t even seem to register in the current discussion about race that has overtaken Hollywood).

That all of their lives intersect à la New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day and that, on the surface and going from the movie’s first trailer, none of these people appears to come into contact with any minorities, should prove fresh fodder for when you gather ’round the water cooler. Or tweet about this.

Mother’s Day is due out on April 29.

And btw, L’Aniston plays a divorced mother of two while Sudeikis takes on the role of an awesome Mr. Mom who catches her fancy. Hudson portrays a free spirit (what else!) with mommy issues (well, hello there, Margo Martindale). And Marshall’s main girl, Roberts, pops up as a busy media personality with a bit of a secret.


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