Monday, February 15, 2016

Pure Man

Daniel Craig is coming to TV, folks.

That’s right: Not even James Bond is immune to the slow death of the mid-budget big-screen offering.

Indeed, Craig is set to headline an adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s Purity that the author himself is tackling with Todd Field, who would direct the proposed 20-ep Scott Rudin-produced series.

Purity is being shopped to Showtime and FX, as well as Netflix, Amazon, and hulu. The series will revolved around a young American woman named Pip who doesn’t know who she is, and Andreas, a charismatic German provocateur, the head of a South America-based organization that traffics in world secrets, that would be portrayed by the man o.k.a. 007.

Sounds interesting. But when is someone gonna get this guy to a Steve McQueen biopic, already?


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