Monday, April 30, 2012

The Couple That Hits Together

That Kristen Bell and that Dax Shepard are just adorable.

When he’s not surprising her with a sloth for her birthday, the guy’s like, writing a movie for him to co-direct and co-star with her.

Now, that’s the sign of true Hollywood love right there.

The Parenthood breakout did just that when he thought up Hit and Run, a caper road comedy that has him playing a former getaway driver (Ryan Gosling, you sure started a trend, dude) who comes out of witness protection to drive his longtime gf (Bell) to L.A. so she can make it to her dream job.

Hilarity and complications arise once his past stars to want to catch up with him, though.

See how it all shakes when Hit and Run arrives in theaters on Aug. 24.


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