Thursday, August 13, 2015

Where Is Gwyneth Headed?

Question: Is Marvel done with Gwyneth Paltrow?

Follow-up: Is G.P. done with Marvel, nay...with acting altogether?

I mean, her last vehicle, Mortdecai, was painfully bad, but it wasn’t that terrible that she needs to quit the biz. If anyone should do penance that Johnny Depp should be it.

Paltrow’s IMDb looks remarkably barren when it comes to future projects these days (guess Blood, Bones & Butter fell through?), with only 33 Días, starring Antonio Banderas, coming down the pike. In the Spanish-language film, the Oscar-winning actress and GOOPer extraordinaire will play Pablo Picasso’s muse and lover, French photographer Dora Maar. (The project, btw, spans the period it took the Spanish master to create his famous “Guernica” painting.)

So what gives? Paltrow the businesswoman has completely overtaken Paltrow the thespian? Are we gonna have to think of Pepper Potts always on some business trip somewhere moving forward? Will Rescue ever come?

I need answers.


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