Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The New Sad Mad Man

Will Smith had no trouble taking over for Ben Affleck in last winters Focus, and, guess what – he will have not problem taking over for Hugh Jackman in the forthcoming Collateral Beauty.

See, the Awesome Aussie was meant to star with Rooney Mara in Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s follow-up to Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Jackman left the project for whatever reason (Mara is still on board, though).

Enter Smith.

The erstwhile Mr. Blockbuster will be the one playing a New York City ad exec who suffers a terrible tragedy and finds himself slipping into a dark, dark depression, only to see his co-workers devise a plan to break him out of his blue that does not quite work they way they envisioned.

Hey...whatever does the trick (and brings all the people to the movie theater)....


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