Monday, August 03, 2015

Doing It Herself

I have been thinking that Ronda Rousey has the potential to become the female The Rock for a while now.

Meaning I think she so has a viable, lucrative career just waiting for her in Hollywood, and that she is simply one more good decision away from a massive blockbuster franchise that will make her a worldwide superstar.

That’s just what I believe.

First order of business, though, might be clueing us in on just who Ronda Rousey is, and that is why the Olympic medalist in judo is going to star in her own biopic.

Rousey already knows her way around a camera, having worked them for years as an UFC fighter and beckoned them as a scene-stealing player in such fare as the Entourage movie and Furious Seven. Now that her autobiography, My Fight/Your Fight, has been optioned for the screen, girlfriend is going to be taking on her biggest acting challenge yet.

Playing yourself is no easy task – we all know that. Doing so for mass consumption? Fingers crossed Ronda Rousey’s one of the few people who can convincingly do that.


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