Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Timeliest Trailer

And just because Angelina Jolie simply cannot let newlywed Jennifer Aniston have a moment, to speak in tabloid copy here, someone has released the first trailer for By the Sea, the Oscar winner’s follow-up to Unbroken.

A stylish ’70s-set film, By the Sea centers on the marital travails between a writer played by Brad Pitt and his former-dancer-wife (La Jolie, the project’s writer, director, and co-star, credited here as Angelina Jolie Pitt, thankyouverymuch) that arise upon their arrival in a French seaside resort. Som’in about paradise and the people they meet there (among them Mélanie Laurent and Melvil Poupaud) simply forcing them to face the unresolved issues in their own lives.

It’s all very George and Martha from the looks of it, but you know that I will be sure to catch By the Sea when it arrives in theaters on Nov. 13.


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