Friday, August 07, 2015

Listen to Hailee

Pitch Perfect 2 star and member of the #TaylorSwiftSquad Hailee Steinfeld is singing now.

Oh yeah...sorry: Actress-Cum-Singer Alert!

An Academy Award-nominated actress (for 2010’s True Grit), Steinfeld is jumping beyond-sweet voice first onto the music scene with a first single titled Love Myself,” a minor female empowerment anthem about not needing anybody else – the chorus of which, unfortch, sounds like Steinfeld is singing, “I love men.”

Anyway...good for her. Rare is the actress who can make music her new full-time gig, just ask Lea Michele or Scarlett Johansson, who, granted, only has dabbled in some singing, but as a side thing. So best of luck to Hailee friggin’ Steinfeld, if she makes a run for it.

She is working on a full album, so....


Update: Wait. Is “Love Myself” Steinfeld’s “She Bop”?

’Cause like, yeah, after listening more attentively, this song is clearly about masturbation.

Good for her.

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