Friday, July 23, 2010

Life Without Sex?

Kristin Davis isn’t so sure there will be a third Sex and the City movie – and that, right now, I think could be a good thing since the first movie rocked...but this summer’s sequel didn’t at all.

“I don’t think [there will be a Sex and the City 3], not that I know of,” she said. “I wish it was so that we were continuing, but I don’t know.”

The actress hasn’t heard anything official, and is quick to point out poor box office performance or backlash aren’t impediments for the audience to get a Sex-y trilogy.

“We made $300 million internationally,” she said about Sex and the City 2, adding that the poorly received sequel might have been a product of too much buzz. “There was so much hype, not coming from us, but the media hyped it up and then they tore it down.”

I still say with good reason, but I would never discount the popularity of Carrie & Co., or the idea of seeing the ladies redeemed on the silver screen with a good (shorter) story.

Still, Davis maintains, “I could be wrong. Obviously, there was a time when we thought there was no movie happening so you never know. But it is not looking great.”

I say we give it time.... And then we let them bring the sex and the city back to Sex and the City.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God, the sequel was a gaudy mess!