Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Must Read That Reminds Me of a TV Show I Once Loved

They say that no two things are created equal (or something like that), and the same holds true of books.

Some are more event-y than others, natch (Harry, Bella & Co., I’m talking about y’all), and so it seems that is the way the powers that be want us to think about the highly anticipated upcoming young-adult novel I Am Number Four.

The tome is the first in a series of books about a teenage alien (one of nine on Earth) on the run for his life from malicious forces. It was...uhh...written by Pittacus Lore, an elder alien from the planet Lorien widely believed to be the extraterrestrial nom de plume of authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes.

I Am Number Four already is on the Hollywood radar and will be turned into a movie starring Sharlto Copley (District 9, The A-Team) and Kevin Durand (TV’s Lost). And it is, indeed, so event-y it even has inspired its own trailers.

Here’s a teaser:

And over here is the brand new full trailer.

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